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About me:Endagon Enterprises was founded in 2006 by the devotion and ambitiousness of the company’s founder, Logan Lenz. Having resided in Orlando, FL for the three years prior, Lenz had found himself playing in bands, booking performances, and promoting events all of the time. Constant progression and obvious evolution led him to the inauguration of his own company.

“Endagon is far more than just an entertainment company,” states Lenz, “Endagon Enterprises consists of many branches.” The first and most renowned of these branches is its booking agency. Having a knack for real talent, Endagon thrives on discovering the “up and coming” independent artists and sending them out on the road on national tours. After working with acts such as StuMpP, Social Ghost, Sage Francis, Triggerslip, Legendary JCs, and Backrive (just to name a few), Endagon has proved itself a prominent entity in the overwhelming collection of entertainment agencies.

Aside from the recruiting and employing of deserving artists, there are times that Endagon uncovers an act with tremendous potential but lack the necessary experience to move further in their career. Endagon’s “Artist Development” program allows bands with promise to home in on their skills and conquer their weaknesses, in an attempt to prepare themselves for the brutal plunge into the music industry that lies ahead.

Endagon Presents resides in Orlando, FL, where the company still books and promotes shows and events at local bars and clubs. Endagon Presents not only is responsible for putting together some of the most successful local lineups in the area, but also have brought about the Orlando performances of national artists such as Bedlight for Blue Eyes, Peachcake, and Mercy Mercedes. Endagon Presents is responsible in assisting in the development of the lineup of artists performing at Rock For Hunger’s annual Music Festival in Orlando, Florida; a one-day event that features both local and major national artists.

Although music supervision is not a very familiar term to many, the service takes place around us all of the time. Endagon takes pride in providing the service of music supervision, which is the selecting and negotiating of licensed music for TV, film, commercials, and video games. In the confusing and tedious realm of music royalties, Endagon has worked closely with both the University of Central Florida and CBS Sports.

Endagon has and will continue to expand in the coming years. “There is no limit to what Endagon can do for the music industry,” acknowledges Lenz, who one day hopes to turn Endagon Enterprises into a complete one-stop shop for independent artists. “The only thing missing to make that possible right now is establishing it as a record label. That is an aspect we are already starting to initiate.”
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