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About me:i'm a leo..august 13th.. I love live music. I love to cook/eat, but by looking at me you wouldn't be able to tell. I live on James Island in Charleston and LOVE can you not love living less than 5 from the beach, less than 10 to DT, and less than 10 to the local venue?!
Member Since:December 22, 2010
Last Login:December 16, 2014
Location:Ormond Beach, FL
Birthday:August 13
Music means to me:Music is like walking. Every step you take is like a different music note to complete the song of your life. I live it, love it, and do it right! WSP baby, for life! :D
Schools:Culinary Institute of Charleston.. like 2 years left give or take.
General Interests:Cooking, blazing, traveling, going to as many shows as my wallet allows


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