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About me:Maureen has been painting and working with other media since childhood. She has always loved working with her hands and patiently began creating about the age of 5. Maureen sold her first piece of art in first grade for .25 cents, a layered collage of the tracings of her hands. Her rural upbringing influenced the way she responds to nature, people and emotions, always looking at the beauty around her from digging in the dirt, exploring the fields to carefully studying both day and night skies, all of which is representational in her work. She studied at the University of Wisconsin, Stout and graduated with honors with a Bachelor of Science in Art, concentrating in Graphic Design along with painting, metals, photography and English. Maureen has worked in many commercial design areas as a graphic designer, agency director and more. She currently owns Epsilon Design & Consulting. She teaches painting, designs jewelry and is the Executive Coordinator of Art Education and Programming for Fox River Academy of Music and Art. Maureen has received local recognition for her work, has been published and shows in galleries and juried shows.

Art critics and peers have called her work dynamic with a graphic touch. Colleagues, peers and instructors have praised her work and use of color.
“Maureen really knows how color works and embodies it in each piece”. - Instructor
“There is something inside Maureen’s work that draws me in and makes me feel connected, I just cannot stop looking and wanting to know more”. - Portrait Artist
“I do not look at the world the same way anymore, Maureen has taught me there is so much more to see out there.” - Student
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Schools:University of Wisconsin, Stout


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