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About me:fun-loving, relaxed lady. love to see live music. i have a tendency to wander towards the music, love to dance. always looking for new bands to go see. i also teach high school english in downtown toledo. i love the blues the most, but from there--it's all good.
Member Since:May 3, 2010
Last Login:July 24, 2011
Location:Bowling Green, OH
Birthday:February 15
Music means to me:thumps deep in the chest. the sweet smell on a cool summer breeze. sweat drips down my back in the easy bake sun. a humid whisper. a gentle caress of fingertips or brush from a kind stranger. the electric energy of light searing into my pupils as i dance to shredding guitar riff. the ironic joy of blues patterns grooving up the scale and down. pounding souls. pouding soles.
General Interests:good food, wine, interesting, non-judgemental people, healthy eating, vegetarianism, swimming, dub-step, hip-hop, laying in the scratchy grass under a willow tree.


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