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About me:A 5 piece rock and roll band from the Philadelphia/South Jersey area. Consisting of Paul Green School of Rock All-Stars alumni Joe Reno (of The War's End.), Stevie Roberts , Terry Foley, Will Wright , and Joe Cummings. Songwriter Joe Reno blends old ideas with new twists. Combining, splicing, fusing, and smashing through many styles ranging from 60's pop/garage, old school powerpop and 77 punk, blues, 70's classic rock, old school heavy metal and hard rock and roll, all done with new open-minded approaches that only this generation can bring. Driving progressions with dynamic 3 part vocal harmonies run rampant and wild causing speakers to ooze with raw energy, fiery passion, sheer determination, and a warm blanket of love and kindness. All in addition to their explosively energetic live performances that are filled with craziness and fun that keep on getting more and more over the top. This fire is proving to be a glimmer of hope in a world filled with darkness and shit. Contact and Booking: elfuegoband@gmail.com
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