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About me:Jambands are it for me. Yes other music adds to it but that's what jam bands are. They take all of the good from every other style and they improve on it. They put feeling and meaning into it. They bring it back to the times that where good and the times that where hopeful. They bring me back to the the time of being a kid and the time was so much more innocent. We can still go to that time........... it just takes more effort now............
Member Since:December 27, 2006
Last Login:October 24, 2015
Location:San Diego, CA
Birthday:July 22
Music means to me:A way to let go and have fun. I love bands that are on stage and it's OBVIOUS how much fun they are having. If they aren't enjoying themselves I can tell and it's a DEAL BREAKER! I grew up classically trained in music so I can appreciate it when a band shows that they have had some good training as well as experience. They know what good music is but they also know what REAL music is!
Schools:I'm a Registered Nurse. In the NICU. I love what I do for work and I love the in the personal side of my life
General Interests:Gardening, cooking, MJ, Great live music, my boyfriend, my family, my very diverse friends, and most of all .....challenging myself every step of the way.......
Other Distractions:Gardening, cooking, my kitties, friends, BBQs, crafty stuff, the beach, thrift shops, enjoying life in general.....


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