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About me:I am a musician who's current project HY3 just released a new album called "Steps To The Top". Besides travelling the country playing mindbending shows I enjoy the company of women, spoiling other people's children, teaching guitar, floating down mountains on either snow or water, making coffee and ravenously promoting my ridiculously good band, HY3. Did I mention I play in a band? just kidding, (not really) sort of (definitely).
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Location:Boulder, CO
Birthday:June 6
Music means to me:Music is a spiritual momentary connection to people, places and things. (nouns mostly, but bigger than that) I could not imagine my life without music and the influence it has upon me.
Schools:Berklee College of Music and Other Illegal Activities, Boston, MA
General Interests:Nature, health, people, beautiful girls, sexy things.
Other Distractions:Hmmm, mostly my interests.


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Holden Young Trio Brings Funk & Songwriting to Jam Scene
Thu 11/13/2008 2:44PM
I was so excited to find the Holden Young group in Colorado.  After seeing them in Steamboat 2 years ago and watching them grow and tour around the area their live show has become huge....with only the 3 members! 

The refreshing aspect that HY3 brings to the stage is the switch from endless jams to conscious improvisation sections as parts of well-written songs.  The arrangements are drawn from everywhere that rock has ever been funky and funk has ever rocked out.  HY3 has just broken the barriers of their current, Rocky-Mountain music stream and is funking their way around the state and the country.  Their first album, released last year, was a great mix of their styles and I look forward to hearing the next release as I can only imagine it will encompass all of these sounds from the voice and composition of Holden.

Check out this group around Boulder, Denver or any of the many Mountain Towns that get down and dance to their new original creation.