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About me:My names Karen im a chill girl who jst likes to have fun my life revolves around music n when im nt doin sumtin wit music its usually skewl, some type of sport or jst chillin wit my friends, im a very caring person i like ppl who like me n ignor those who dnt
Member Since:September 15, 2007
Last Login:September 15, 2007
Location:Chicago, IL
Birthday:July 10
Music means to me:music is like the most important thing in my life, i mean everyones got troubles and wether mine are big or small i listen to music to get me through. Music is the best thing i got, the rythm and the words the sound is all amazing and so important to me some may not even understand dude
Schools:High School
General Interests:My second fav thing in the world man has got to be sports its totaly awsme dude my fav are boarding sports like skateboarding, snowboarding, and surfing: other things i like is txtin, tv, an da computer


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