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About me:Clearly, the fact that I have this very profile on Jambase makes it apparent that I am an avid live music fan...almost regardless of genre (sorry, not much for country music, thanks), I am all about the live music vibe. Having grown up playing primarily tenor and alto sax, as well as piano, I learned early what it means to be on stage, rockin' out. So, although I don't play nearly enough anymore, I appreciate...understand...and cherish the energy that goes into live performance...and the energy that is subsequently projected. Have you ever noticed just how cool people can be at a show? There's this understanding...a sort of, "nothing else matters...except this show...this moment...these people...these notes". Sigh...if only we could always be so focused, centered, and collective. But, that in itself is the point. Music does something to people...to you...to me. It's powerful. It's hyponotic, energizing and completely unique in it's own right. The universality of sound...the healing potential on our bodies and souls, minds and hearts...what can possibly compare? Well, maybe incredible sex. But, hey...we're talking about music here! ;)
Member Since:January 15, 2004
Last Login:May 15, 2014
Location:Santa Fe, NM
Birthday:October 31
Music means to me:Everything. Period.
Schools:Mt Hebron High School, Washington College, Loyola College
General Interests:Anything and Everything. Very open-minded, thus always trying something new. But, in general...sports, art, film, the outdoors, photography, cooking, traveling, my doggies, biking, kayaking, laughing my ass off and hopefully getting other to do the same!
Other Distractions:Read the Celestine Prophecy..it's incredible! Into 24, as of recently (thanks, mom and dad)...as well as Weeds, Six Feet Under, The Colbert Report, Everybody Loves Raymond, Family Guy, Simpsons, good movies, and the Baltimore Ravens!!! Hell Yeah, Sunday Football!


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