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About me:Anyone with love in their hearts and a sense of adventure. Anyone who can open my eyes to something beautiful or who is just so beautiful themselves that everyone around them benefits from it. People with great imaginations. Silly people, happy people, smart people, smiley people, giggly people, pirates, hippies, and anyone else that lives free. People that will make me smile.
Member Since:September 2, 2010
Last Login:December 27, 2013
Location:Colorado Springs, CO
Birthday:August 2
Music means to me:Everything, I fell alone without live music to listen to...
Schools:Otero J.C., Trades Place Vocational
General Interests:Free spirited people...
Other Distractions:quiet time, good conversation on world issues, and life, Spending Time With Family and Friends, Traveling Anywhere, Traveling to New Places, Fun Stuff, Medical Marijuana, Rainbow Family, World of Warcraft, Magic: The Gathering, Rainbow Gathering, Reading and Writing, Hiking and Camping, Hiking Walking

quiet time, good conversation...


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