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About me:Grad school keeps me insanely busy and with my head buried in the books all the time i need help staying in the loop. I moved to Phili area about 3yrs ago and still yet to meet/find any cool heads in the area. would love any in put from anyone bout where to go around phili to meet kind folk with similar interests (&hopefully w/nice good brews)
Member Since:April 20, 2008
Last Login:December 16, 2013
Location:Woodlyn, PA
Birthday:May 2
Music means to me:sanity, expression, release, comfort, motivation, community
Schools:finishing 3rd yr of 6yr (hellacious) grad program
General Interests:rock climbing, hiking, dancing, cooking,
Other Distractions:The true loves of my life - my dearly treasured family of 3 chihuahuas (no- they're not the neurotic, shaky, yappy, ankle-biter kind)


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