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About me:I travel for a living with my job, Wireless Communications. (I climd cell towers) Love music all kinds. Been to 7 Panic Shows, a total of 15 different show's, and 4 about to be 5 Bonnaroo's. I'm by myself all day every day unless I'm on a break from work. Then I chill with family and friends back in the TN state. I've been to North Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, Alabma, Florida, Missippi, Lousiana, Ohio twice, and Hawaii twice. All for work. I'm working on geting to the West Cost for awhile. Right now I'm in Dayton, OH. I own turntable's but hardly have enough time to get any better than what I am so they sit under my bed. Oh well...I will have one great Record collection by the end of it. Then have DJ friends spin for me at one Awsome party. Yes!
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Location:Cowan, TN
Birthday:May 16
Music means to me:A 'Happy Place' (Freedom)
General Interests:Wireless broadband, and Computer's
Other Distractions:SpiderMan


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