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Thu 11/12/2009 8:45PM
...so I was a Phish fest virgin. No place like Indio to change that. Honestly, even without Phish, Indio would have cleansed my soul. But throw Phish in for three days of live jamming and holy shit! The venue was gorgeous and security was lax.Phish opened Friday with Party Time. Might I mention they had only performed the song once before at the Merriweather show I went to over the summer. What a perfect choice to kick of the weekend! Highlight of Saturday was Bathtub Gin. Anyone dancing beside me knows why. As Phish played to a sitting crowd for the first time ever during their acoustic set Sunday tears rolled down my face as Paige sang the verse "sit in a circle, facing the sun, get what you can now, winter is on" during Army of One. Honestly I could comment on every song played and smiled shared during the weekend. But bottom line is I sold out my happiness for years to please someone else. Broke free and was reborn at a Phish fest! I finally got it. And ITS beautiful