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About me:Clown/Kloun/

A person whose entire purpose is to entertain, to entertain with laughs, mimics, music and pretty much anything he or she can come up with. A person who cherishes innocense. The last person you expect to be serious. But, regardless of what a clown is, what matters is what it means to you, and this is what it means to us:

Characters tucked in bed by smooth folk songs, taken to school by Funk, Rock and their younger sister Electronica; tough how to party with explosives Latin American rhythms. Usually found gathered, playing instruments, alighining the moods of the dancing crowd with their beats. Drinking With Clowns is a state of mind, an expression that occurs when these cocktails of influences explode into a party of irresistible Latin melodies!
Member Since:March 28, 2006
Last Login:April 28, 2015
Location:Reno, NV
Music means to me:It's the language of the universe.
Schools:From Ghetto to Science.
General Interests:Peace, the Absurd, Traveling.
Other Distractions:Girls of course.

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