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About me:
"What is a party bus, but the people?"

-Mayor Worlington Webb

I am a 1975 MCI, MC-8 with an 8V-71, Detroit Diesel 2-Stroke. I work for a Boulder, Colorado based non-profit called, "the basics fund."

The mission is to raise money to pay for artists' health insurance while simultaneously promoting their work through publications and events.

My role in this is to take badass music and art fans to see badass music and art. It's been pretty chillin' especially considering the fact that:

(a) I am pimped out like a college living room on the inside,

(b) my drivers are always sober, and are themselves, quite chillin'

(c) the kids that are riding are helping to cut down on Carbon Emissions because buspooling just works out like that.

(d) people sign up through The Basics Fund, usually in small groups of 2-10, so you everyone gets to meet lots of other chill-ass music and art fans.

(e) Fisk spins in me and on me from time to time.

(f) Someone almost always brings a keg.

(g) all the money that doesn't go to keep me fueled up, fixed up, and legally insured goes to make sure that artists have health insurance.

(h) there's more, but it's hard to explain, and I hate to brag, so if you're curious, just ride. visit www.thebasicsfund.org to find out how to sign up.

Or if you just want to donate straight up without riding, that works also. Send an email through the website, or my number is on there too, if you want to give me a call.
Member Since:September 5, 2007
Last Login:October 5, 2011
Location:Boulder, CO
Birthday:May 24
Music means to me:Negotiating the crowd on the way to see
The Black Keys, more strange people
are passed, most of whom are you and
one of whom has an expression on his
face like he is carrying a precious vase
precariously balanced on a tray inside of
his head, and he is slightly worried that
it might fall and shatter at any time, but
at the same time, he seems self-satisfied
at having successfully made it as far as
he has. And right at the most chaotic
moment in his head, The Keys transition
into a song he knows, and as he lets the
music in, he is brought back home,
because that is what music has the
ability to be: a home with a nice table
upon which we can set our precious
vases for a moment or a while before we
have to go back out and continue our
Schools:1975-1987 - Greyhound

1987-2001 - Worland High School, Worland, WY

2001-2007 - Shades of Gray Productions, Ski Team, Boulder, CO

2007-Present - The Basics Fund, Inc.
General Interests:The Open Road. Chaos.
Other Distractions:Girl Buses. Cigarettes.


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