DFM(Deuce Funk Monsters)'s Profile

About me:DFM is an evolution of music, friends, life and new types of bands. Formed by childhood friends Pat Knibbs and Matthew Kerr this futuristic ensemble gets people dancing groovin and rocking to a DJ and Guitarist with an RnB vocalist. Its purely a mixture of Chicago's finest elements,
Funk/House/Dance/RnB/Blues/Soul/Gospel/and Love
Member Since:June 1, 2001
Last Login:July 19, 2015
Location:Chicago, IL
Music means to me:Everything, it is my life from worship to the almighty God himself to entertainment for others from the Almighty God
Schools:Hard Knox, Moraine Valley, Chicago State University,Eastern Illinois
General Interests:Other than music, Sex and Drugs, Watersking, Relationships between people, Knowledge of all things relevant and not relevant, good times, good food, great family, and living a great life