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About me:cheese, dead, tlg, new monsoon, panic, moe., yonder mountain, jurassic 5, dilated peoples, gangstarr, oysterhead, wailers, leftover salmon, etc.
i also love hip hop, rap, reggaeton, country, rock (especially southern fried stuff), and hell almost anything else you can tell the person wanted you to have a good time listening and probably had as much if not more fun playing it!
Member Since:April 22, 2002
Last Login:March 19, 2011
Location:Mission, TX
Birthday:January 8
Music means to me:the chance to go out and be free; reason enough to put another 500 miles on the car.... just to live the music and let the music express itself thru me.
Schools:McAllen High School, Coppell High School, Oglethorpe University, University of North Texas, DeVry Alpharetta, University of Phoenix - Online
General Interests:dancing, camping, reading, swimming, making friends, discovering new music, learning new things, expanding my mind and my horizons, making a positive impact in the lives of those around me and far far away alike.... positive ripples & random acts of kindness... it's not that hard to be the change you wanna see in the world (thank you Gandhi)
Other Distractions:wis.dm, myspace.com/thekazzes, facebook, linkedin.com, amazon.com/shops/thekazzes1977, last.fm, archive.org, reading, some tv - equal parts trash & treasure. :o)


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