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About me:Raised in Detroit, moved to Ann Arbor and joined Aluminum Beach, Then I met Sue Lynn (aka Kainani). In 1984 Kainani and I were married at Joes Star Bar on April 14. We then moved to San Francisco and started building a family with our first son Rylan.Then came our second son, Miles. Then came our first,last and only daughter, Jaclyn. All of us then relocated to Boulder, Co.(The Bubble).Eleven years later in 2003, we finally moved BACK TO THE BAY TO STAY. The Oakland Riviera is a beutifull place to live and work and we love it.
Member Since:November 21, 2006
Last Login:December 15, 2006
Location:Alameda, CA
Birthday:September 20
Music means to me: Everything. Music is THE universal language, intangible, timeless. Music is the avenue to the upper level where anything under the sun can be achieved.
Schools:northern MICHIGAN,COLORADO aerotech,DDT
General Interests:Music,drums,vibes,sports,education,childrern,elders,history friends,urban settings and bicycles.
Other Distractions:PYRO


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