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About me:Hey, m'name's Tucker. I'm a musician, music is my life. I play violin/fiddle, drums, mandolin, piano, and various other instruments. I "work" at the Java Barn. I love the Saw Doctors, they are the best rock band EVER, and I think that they need more recognition. I also love the Afro Celts, they produce some of the coolest music that I've ever heard. And Lettuce has to be one of the best jazzy funk bands out there, they too need more recognition. I'm pretty much into all genres of music,I don't like to box myself in. I love classical, funk, rock, some metal, traditional tunes, bluegrass, you name it!

P.S.- Anybody who hasn't checked out the Waterboys definately should!They're great! And also Check out Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars, just amazing music!

AIM= bigred03750
Member Since:March 14, 2007
Last Login:February 11, 2010
Location:Canton, NY
Birthday:November 23
Music means to me:Music, as a player, and as a listener, is a means of escape. To forget about life, and to travel into the mind and examine thoughts and feelings. Music means everything to me! Without music, my life would be like a mayonnaise sandwich, tasty, but bland and uninteresting.
Schools:St. Lawrence University
General Interests:Music, Kayaking, Speed Skating, Baseball, Hockey
Other Distractions:Favorite Movie - Spinal Tap,
Favorite TV Shows - Everybody Loves Raymond, Family Guy, MythBusters,
Favorite Books - A Short History of Nearly Everything and A Walk in the Woods,
Favorite Songs - Clare Island, Fisherman's Blues.


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