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About me:i love and live for live music. Im spontaneous and love to have fun. I go to school in Vermont, and I'm studing psychology and art. I notice the small things in life. I love meeting new people and finding or getting new music. If you want to know more, just ask me :) oh, and my name is Kara
Member Since:December 21, 2008
Last Login:February 27, 2010
Location:Canton, CT
Birthday:July 13
Music means to me:More than i can put into words. The energy at shows always fasicinates me. I love watching people dance around me, and seing the contagious effect that everyone has on everybody else.
Schools:Green Mountain College, VT
General Interests:dancing, hoola-hooping, dreadlocks, photography, hiking, camping, skinny-dipping, yoga, people watching, poetry, being outside, knitting, reading, astronomy, local food, guitar, and watching nature and independent films.


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