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Cake in Central Park nYc - 9/16/2010
Fri 9/17/2010 6:36AM

So, I got to the show a little late and they ended the first set with Sheep Go to Heaven, Goats go to Hell...not sure the name, but was pumped. That's a good tune.

They come back from set back and the lead singer tells a story.. and then they play one

Bonobo DJ Set with Break Science 7/7/2010 @ Rock's Off Boat Cruise
Thu 7/8/2010 11:19AM

Break Science opened the show with serious energy right from the start with solid samples and drum beats keeping it fresh all night.  Hip hopper CX (or simply X, hahaha) came out and performed a song or two, rapping.  Energy was pretty good the crowd got down. - - - B

Orchard Lounge @ Love nYc 4/8/2010
Fri 4/9/2010 8:44AM
That shit was soo (.)(.)s.

Walked in to B killing it which continues all night.
Spencer killed it with some sweet ass italian sample that had the crowd scratching heads for a min and then shaking their asses. In addition to everything else.
Ben - what can i say?... fanboy'd.

OL fucking nails it every time.

So much fun. Perfect size crowd for Love. Lots of space to dance. Everyone had such positive vibes and came to get down. Can't wait for 5/13