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About me:i am an illusion of reality, im like caviare washed down with cheap boxed wine..a level headed lunatic, a product of my own design..simply complicated
Member Since:October 11, 2009
Last Login:June 9, 2013
Location:Albrightsville, PA
Birthday:August 24
Music means to me:everything, no matter what theres always that perfect song to orchestrate your thoughts,moods, or moments..that perfect song that could either enhance or completely alter any feeling
General Interests:im pretty much down for long as it involves a hot day, cold beer, a cute girl, and some good music
Other Distractions:im easily distracted, i spend most of days lost in a daydream, pre-occupied by the notion of what if? confused by my own logic, then i see a cute girl and it all goes blank


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