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About me:We're young by the name but I wouldn't say to the game. Double K is an Endeavor run by two twisted sisters. We met on an off-chance, last-minute twist of events as the backseat passengers on a road trip. Ever since, the energy has been of storm-like proportions. Whether we are simply enjoying a scene, promoting a show or event, supporting friends' art, music, merchandise, reuniting with people from our travels, meeting new people....WHATEVER THE ENDEAVOR!....our passion is irrefutable. You can contact us if you think our social, marketing, promoting, event planning skills, etc could work for you...or if you are simply live music scene lovin mamas and papas like us and our fam!
Member Since:November 19, 2008
Last Login:January 25, 2009
Birthday:July 14
Music means to me:a good enough reason.
Schools:SUNY - Albany
Hudson Valley
General Interests:photography, camping, graffiti, music promotions, calligraphy, arts in general, memory building with friends like family, bartending, cooking
Other Distractions:kickin it with heady heads :-*


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