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About me:I'm a deadhead and a fan of jambands locally and nationally too. I love jazz, blues, soul, reggae, ska and any music with heart! In my weaker moments I've even been found grooving to my daughter's pop music!
Member Since:January 20, 2011
Last Login:January 6, 2012
Birthday:August 12
Music means to me:The Grateful Dead (and deadheads!) saved my soul! Really! Music has the ability to transform the mundane to the sublime, and the boring to the beautiful. While I enjoy watching and listening to live music, some of my most spiritual moments have been when I've been playing the piano or guitar and jamming with friends. Music opens a new dimension and no doubt will someday pave the road to world peace!
Schools:University of Toronto (Study of Religion), Humber College (Radio Broadcasting)
General Interests:meditation, keeping healthy, art, movies, theatre, travel, hiking, biking, skiing and snowshoeing (I live in Canada eh?)


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