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About me:I'm a early thirties businessman that loves music. I gave up drinking and got more heavily into my favorite passtime live music.
Member Since:June 27, 2000
Last Login:July 18, 2013
Location:Chicago, IL
Birthday:September 1
Music means to me:The world. It can set the mood anyway you like it and improvosational rock can leave you guessing. Im a tried and true ex dead head and still large phish head even while runnin a business. After stopping drinking 11 years ago, music took on more meaning it supplanted the risk taking element of booze for me. Any type I can see the amazing talent unhindered...I enter shows now with the expectation of fun not scrutiny and it has changed and matured my live music experience.
Schools:University Of Chicago MBA
Miami University BS
Hinsdale (IL) Central High School
General Interests:Helping others through various charitable pursuits. I work to someday hope to use financial as well as personal resources to help the children of Chicago.
Other Distractions:Tennis, UFC, Basketball


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