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About me:Hey Y'all! Just a jam band fan who moved to Mass. from AZ a few years ago always looking for kind friends and great music! Been following the Dead, Phish, and others traveling across this country since 85! Big reggae fan as well!
Member Since:April 20, 2005
Last Login:March 30, 2015
Location:Bridgewater, MA
Birthday:November 26
Music means to me:A buddy for my soul! It's always there when I need it and as a guitar player I understand the hard work it takes and most of all it brings the best of people to have fun and just dance!
Schools:University of Arizona-Go cats! BFA in Two-Dimensional Design and of course the best ed. travelling and meeting kind people!
General Interests:Playing Guitar, Painting, gardening, Hiking, Travelling, Biking, and activist in eco and Human issues.
Other Distractions:I live the life! Save my money to travel and see as much music as possible! Designing tattoos for friends, collecting art, etc.


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