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About me:Hello, my name is Satyen Thaker. I am all about music, it is the most important thing to me. Without it I think life would be a very bleak and dull experience for me. A lot of people ask me what my name means, and how to pronounce it. An American pronunciation of my name would be "Sah-tee-yen". I can't write out the real Indian pronunciation. My name comes from the Sanskrit word "Satya", which loosely translates to "Truth"...I am a musician, writer, producer, and sometimes a teacher (guitar/piano/voice). I currently live in California, relatively close to San Francisco. If any of you musicians are looking for a new project, and think we might be able to create something cool, let me know :)
Member Since:June 21, 2001
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Location:San Francisco, CA
Birthday:August 11
Music means to me:Music is my lifeblood
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