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About me:I am married with 2 kids, but I continue to be a peaceful, positive person. I love music and nature. I recycle everythings, intern for the EPA, I love to travel, love animals, Im studying to be a Geologist, hopefully to fund future shows!!!
Member Since:April 7, 2004
Last Login:July 28, 2014
Location:Columbus, OH
Birthday:September 2
Music means to me:I cant even put into words what music means to me. The act of creating original sounds, working with bandmates, putting the energy out there at every show, whata beautiful blessing to us as a species to be able to create and enjoy such a splendid thing.
Schools:High School and 3 years of college.
General Interests:Hiking, canoeing, painting, writing, photography, conspiracy theories, aliens, the universe, ghosts, singing, long drives with good music, good food, tranquil places and black cats.
Other Distractions:My children, a 9 yr old daughter and a 1 yr old baby boy, along with my husband, my support crew and stress buttons all in one. Ide be one lonely fool without them.


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