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About me:With a sound tethered between the indie and folk rock genres, the music of Ditch the Pilot proudly marks a return to the art of songwriting and the ceaseless craft and joy of playing live music. All bands borrow from the musicians that have inspired them, but what separates this Reno, Nevada-based foursome apart is its ability to use its collective inspirations to craft music that stands out as both reminiscent and brand-new rather than tired and repackaged.

Drawing from the melodic, harmonic, and rhythmic proclivities of the artists that have inspired them — Tom Petty, Wilco, and Bob Dylan, to name a few — Ditch the Pilot has discovered a sound that blends the qualities of a great band: well-written songs, excellent harmonies, provocative guitar solos, and a rhythm section that effortlessly anchors the band with nonpareil dynamism.

In their short time on the scene, they have opened for nationally touring acts such as Truth and Salvage Co., The English Beat and Seattle’s James Lanman and the Good Hurt and have recently released their first self-titled EP, engineered by Rick Spagnola. Their eclectic songwriting, which runs the gamut from the folk-infused sway of “To Speak of Life Defined” to the punchy, Americana stylings of “Elegant Nothing,” adds to a polished live performance that has attracted a local following.

With a tour of their own on the horizon, Ditch the Pilot is sure to make an impact doing music the old-fashioned way: casting gimmicks aside and revisiting rock and folk traditions which continue to prove that the best kind of music is played together with friends and shared with strangers.

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