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About me:"Its better to burn out, then it is to fade away"
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Thoughts on Luther leaving and Spring tour
Fri 2/8/2008 3:22PM

I love North Mississippi Allstars, they are so tallented. Luther and Cody, blow me away! I just saw them in Tuscaloosa a few weeks ago, and it was possibly one of the best shows I have been to...they always tear it up but they really wowed me! Not going to lie, I'm really going to miss Luther playing with them, but am so excited about seeing him with the Black Crows.

Thu 10/18/2007 8:47PM

I just went to Echo Project right outside of Atlanta and had the most amazing time! It was by far the cleanest festival I have been to, and for its first year it was pretty well organized. The vibes were great and everyone there was ready to get down, and totally up for anything. I felt free and wonderful, it was really an eye opening experience. Ive been to my fair share of festies and always end up having a great time but this past weekend has surpassed my expectations, it was truely a life changing trip! I highly recommend echo project in the future and i will deffinatly be attending next year!!