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About me:I am the illigitimate son of H.R.PUFFINSTUFF and Buck Owens.

I travel round the country preaching the gospel according to pickles. I perform healin's and sell chukwalla oil when the voice is too shredded to sing anymore.

My only companion is Boots.
Member Since:October 16, 2002
Last Login:March 1, 2015
Location:Coloma, MI
Birthday:December 15
Music means to me:Be silly. Enjoy what you play. Listen to what you enjoy. Remember children need good music too. Get them involved now and you are a big winner in my book. Music means always exploring other musical worlds.
Schools:Northern Arizona University, Pacific Union College, Institut Adventiste du Saleve, Western Michigan University
General Interests:Playing live music, Attending and playing in Music Festivals, Networking with other musicians, using music to help people, getting children involved in music, Travel, Motor Homes, Mobile Homes, Trailers, Boots, Crotty,
Other Distractions:Deadwood (HBO), TREME, Boondocks, reading Sears Catalogues

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