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About me:Alfonso D’Niscio Brooks, believes in the possibilities of that which is yet to be pursued; that which remains untried. One has to first dream after-all, in order to make that dream come through. He lives in a universe of his own design, fueled by a passion for life, love and music. D’Niscio was born into a world of music, on June 9th 1972; on the beautiful rich island of St. Maarten. The dichotomy which is representative of Gemini, is mirrored in a man torn between a life-time of Caribbean warmth, music and culture; and that of a bourgeoning metropolis which demands constant evolution, diversification and sophistication.

Everything that this world has to offer, has a lesson meant to be taught and learnt; they are all platforms, setting the stage for the next rung of the ladder- but you must first learn the lessons meant to be learnt, and never be afraid of change and growth.

For a time, the studio was a world in which D’Niscio would get so deeply entrenched -even for days on end; to the detriment of everything else- especially social and intimate relationships. His realized talent, prolific ambition for perfecting the art of creating music and an innate compulsion to influence the most complete form of expression, has led D’Niscio to work with a myriad of artists from several genres of the musical industry. . D’Niscio is a spiritual man, who believes we all must be responsible for our actions. He believes in a greater power outside of one’s self, that invests him with an aptitude for excellence, and success beyond the realm of typical or conventional thought. D’Niscio sought answers, and found them in the purposive yet rudimentary crashing of the sea against the rocks. His answers were found in the peace amid the chaos; and as in the case of the waves on that day, some crashing was required to create harmony in the universe.

He tells his story through sound writing, composing, arranging music, as well as writing poetry. The credits you may find on the covers of recordings - perhaps in your local record store, only provides a hint of D’Niscio’s contribution to the world- it says nothing of his attributes as a mentor to developing artists, nothing of his contribution to sustainable Caribbean development through broad spectrum marketing, indeed, it says nothing of the man who continues to challenge the status quo of ethnic non-inclusion. Despite the many challenges of typically going against the grain, D’Niscio remains hopeful. Hopeful, that there can be a world free from hate, mistrust, jealousy, mischief and apathy; as such, the work continues through a language which crosses geographical and language barriers, socio-economic blockades as well as mental restrictions. The language of music transcends established human limitations and remains a language we all not just hear, but can also feel and understand. This is the language D’Niscio speaks.
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Music means to me:The World!