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About me:sup! Im all about music... From blues to bluegrass... especially blues... the bands i see regularly are umphreys, as much as i can see them... they were sick at bonnaroo 2006... seen em 8 times i think... gov't mule... seen them 5 times... hunter mnt jam was headie!! those of you who were there will know... now for the list... Stevie Ray Vaughan and FRANK ZAPPA(RIP bros), eric clapton, albert king(and bb king for that matter)PHISH, greatful dead, keller, bisco, miles davis, bob dylan, steve vai, msmw(the "S" makes them greatness) phil(get well!!) widespreat panic, jeff beck, cream, tool,
Member Since:November 24, 2006
Last Login:November 27, 2010
Location:Brockton, MA
Birthday:July 23
Music means to me:A person once asked me what kind of music i listen to... and my answer was... almost anything that took a lot of practice to play right... music means alot to me and im not buying into the Pop bs where ppl arent even writing thier music... if you want me to pay to go to your show, you better go for it an bust it big... if not whats the point... i can just listen to your record to find out you suck...
Schools:massasoit community college
General Interests:i love to hike and be outside... i love playing hockey!! listening to music made my musicians not dancers...
Other Distractions:playing my guitar... ridiculing people who are addicted to fashionable consumption...


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