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About me:I play guitar. I love going to shows because seeing a band perform live is way better than listening to their cds. I like rock, metal, punk, indie, death metal, hardcore, emocore, etc. I'm a vegetarian. I have an adorable eight-month old nephew named Roman.
Member Since:January 11, 2007
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Location:Tucson, AZ
Birthday:December 20
Music means to me:Music is my life, my world, the air I breathe. Without it I would die.
Other Distractions:I recently saw An Inconvienent Truth. If you haven't seen this, rent it, buy it, borrow it, as long as you watch it. It's an informative film about the very real and terrifying danger of Global warming. Reach out in your community and inform others in order to change the fate that will surely become of our world if we don't change.


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