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About me:My name is Tim and I reside in Littleton, Lakewood, and Morrison Colorado. I love to play guitar which lead me to listen to all the jam bands as inspiration. I am outgoing. I love hiking all the local parks and climbing red rocks. Also, I love to play disc golf. Overall I'd say I'm a very mellow person who loves to listen to good music and enjoy every moment that passes me.
Member Since:April 26, 2008
Last Login:June 17, 2008
Location:Denver, CO
Birthday:November 3
Music means to me:To me, music is transcendant. It is the messiah of my soul. When I listen to music I get high, and i grow a smile. Music is also expression, and I hate censorship. So to see a band getting out their and showing the world their perspective of the world, uncut, puts a great deal of solace in me.
Schools:Bear Creek High School
General Interests:disc golf, hiking, climbing, camping, and swimming.
Other Distractions:Work, friends, family.


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