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Bonnaroo the new Woodstock?
Thu 10/2/2008 10:52AM
Everytime i read any article on here or anywhere else, I think back to the '03 and '04 festivals and think they cant be the same. First off, when I was there it would have been unheard of to see any girlfriends or camera crews other than the ones in the venue. Bonnaroo was bad ass cause it was in the middle of bumble fuck nowhere and hardly anyone knew of it or even wanted to go once they did. Headliners like widespread, trey, the dead, govt. mule, ben and jack, and string fuckin cheese. now its my morning jacket, metallica, and kanye west? again, i didnt go but it cant be the same. Gotta be too mainstream and overrated now. Jam bands dont have the type of radio play and "mtv time" as just about everyone else in the music industry. for me and my friends it was a recognition of these bands and their time to do what they do best out in the middle of a field, the way any jam lover would want it. ha fuck woodstock then