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About me:Hello. my name is Patrick. I'm 20 and im chillin in Philly at this point in my life. I love meeting hetty people and just connecting with people in general. I am getting more into crystals, yoga, and thinking on a higher level a lot more recently. I am dating the most amazing girl on earth and i hope that continues. I hope to meet some more amazing people in my life and I have been accomplishing that through going to shows. I love hetty nugget and I believe that it is earth's greatest gift to mankind. Hetty buds and music are life.
Member Since:December 15, 2008
Last Login:April 13, 2009
Location:Philadelphia, PA
Birthday:February 6
Music means to me:Music means everything to me. Being in a giant room or field or mountain with a large amount of good people and just closing my eyes and loosing it to the music is the best feeling in the world. Letting go of all worries, regrets, fears, and negativity and just dancing and feeling good is a huge part of why I love music as much as I do. I feel that music makes the world go round and with out it, we would surely fall apart. Well I know I would anyway. Music is my release, my liberation from society.
Schools:I graduated high school in 2007, went to Kutztown University for one year and now I am finishing school at the Art Institute of Philadelphia.
General Interests:nature, nugget, music, art, love


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