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About me:Laid back, relatively rational guy although there are moments when this has been questioned. Big fan of common sense, not a big fan of ingorance. I believe that karma is our truest friend and God is our biggest fan. Don't do good things so good things will happen to you, just do the right thing and treat everyone equal and with respect and in time the same will be returned to you if your heart is in the right place. And remember we are souls with bodies not bodies with souls. Peace.
Member Since:February 20, 2007
Last Login:August 11, 2009
Location:Anderson, SC
Birthday:December 20
Music means to me:Music means everything to me. It creates a soundtrack for my life, that sometimes only I understand, but I guess that's ok cuz it's my life and my soundtrack :) Music and friendly vibes can lift your spirits to new heights when you are down and take you anywhere you want to go.
Schools:finished, FINALLY
General Interests:art, photography, nature, good times with friends and family, trying to teach myself to play my keyboard
Other Distractions:Newcastle, anything hoppy, the finest gifts the earth has to offer.


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