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About me:i like to dance .i like to hear music.i like hip-pop and r&band other .i don't lke conutry songs.i lke to play the piano let say am a pianoist.i was a actress.i was in the show grandpa's garage.i woul get in lot's of troble because i was alway in the cand place..i like to write songs and espaecialy stories.i like playing volleyball and basketball and yes u can say i am a sporty girl.i like to hang-out with friends and family.i like to swim.i am latina.my parents are from mexican.but i was bron in houston,texas.living with my parent is great and not great well i get in lot of trouble just because i hit my little brother.but everyday there something new.i am single .i am looking for a prsonallity guy to get along with.an that will support me and what ever i do .
Member Since:August 18, 2008
Last Login:May 19, 2009
Location:Houston, TX
Birthday:January 9
Music means to me:music means alot to me because i can say it a part of me.it help me to relax.and domy chores and other stuff.
Schools:elementary,middle school,high school
General Interests:in taking guitar lesson ,and learning and other laugague like chinsse.


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