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Music means to me:It's what relaxes me when I'm stressed out. It keeps me focused when I'm doing certain tasks. It brings me together with people who I wouldn't usually associate myself with.'s just awesome.
General Interests:Watching ridiculous tv shows.

Economics...yeah, it's my major.
Other Distractions:Video Games, including: Dance Dance Revolution, Kingdom Hearts, Guitar Hero, more.


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Favorite CD of All Time!!!
Tue 2/19/2008 12:57PM
My absolute favorite album of all time would have to be 311 "Transistor" Most of my favorite 311 songs come off that album, and 311 is my favorite band, so it would be hard to argue against that being the best for me.  Most of the songs are so chill and fun, and with more than 15 songs on one album, which I find rare these days, it's just awesome.