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About me:Things I Like include.... Capri Sun's, Gardening, Ghost hunting, Gushers, Girls That Wear White Pants, Road trips, Fruit by the Foot, Living in Colorado, Frisbee Golf, Laughing, Grape juice, Staying Up All Night, Listening to 90's Music, Singing in the shower, Rainy Sundays, Vh 1, Real World, Playing Poker, 4th-of-July, Plaza Lights, Kissing, Sleeping in Late, The color green, Cream soda, Scary movies, Hiking, Camping, Watching Man vs Wild, Firecrackers, Canoe Trips, Beer Dice, 2% milk, Dive Bars, Spells in Harry Potter, Thurman, Re, Falling Alseep on the Phone, Natural Light Beer, Working in Sports, Flying Kites, Being Outside, Traveling, Spending Time With My Family, The Smell of New Shoes, Drinking a Beer in the Shower, Being Single, Cliff Jumping, Things I Don't Like, Slow Drivers, To Much Rain, High Maintance Girls, Rap Music, Politics, The French, Christmas, The Yankees
Member Since:September 14, 2010
Last Login:March 27, 2014
Location:Denver, CO
Birthday:September 10
Music means to me:LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Schools:Southwest Baptist University
School of Hard Knocks
General Interests:Jumping, Laughing, Singing, Walking, Hopping, Running, Talking, Smiling, Drinking, Eating, Sailing, Driving, Listening, Crumping, Dancing, Riding, Climbing, Exercing, Scratching, Juggling, Watching, Working, Swimming, Tricking, Hunting, Traveling, Schooling, Baking, Sleeping, Typing, Biking, Hiking, Loving, Joking, Gaming, Studying, Painting, Jogging, Skipping, Tripping, Throwing, Catching, Kicking, Tracking, Spackling, Quacking, Bouldering, Wandering, Slacking, Croutching, Goofing, Spitting, Breaking, Fixing, Hanging, Tackling, Golfing, Discoing, Wondering, Wishing, Boozing, Smoking, Glowing, Fooling, Acting, Packing, Questioning, Guessing


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