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About me:new resident of CA having transplanted myself all the way from CT. no show is too big or too small and i plan on jumping right in to the eclectic music scene this part of the country has to offer. from the beach to the vineyards there seem to be some prime venues to soak up some good vibes.
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Music means to me:music is love, come and take it. music is unique in its ability to unite people from different backgrounds under one umbrella. so say bob marley "when it hits you feel no pain"
General Interests:volleyball, kayaking, bocce and a cooler full of beer.


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New scenery
Wed 7/16/2008 11:10PM

whats up music lovers! my name is marc papantonio; a fun loving, wise cracking italian dude with a serious passion for live music. i recently made the cross country trek from CT to CA and im pysched to soak up the great vibes and venues the west coast has to offer. on a side note, if anyone out there is entertaining the idea of making a similar drive, the middle of the country sucks so get thru as quick as u can without getting busted by johnny law. as far as tunes go, im down for almost any show; from rock to reggae, jazz to jambands and plenty in between. im currently set up in the east bay nook of castro valley. anyone out there that wants to drop a line, im always up for meeting new people and finding out what about music inspires them. ive been out here less than a week, but im lining up some upcoming shows in and around the bay area to check out. first stop will be this sunday in santa cruz at a joint called the Catalyst for a double billing of reggae: Groundation, with Culture opening. should be a nice way to pop my west coast cherry. anyone there can spot me as the white dude throwing enthusiastic fist pumps toward the stage. be well guys and live with passion.