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About me:Dancin' Shoes Presents...strives on bringing quality live music to your ears. Dancin' Shoes has an ear for music, an uncanny sense of upcoming talent and a tireless desire to bring that talent to the local forefront. Come and experience something different, something fresh and ever changing. Come and exchange your ideas, smile, and most importantly let the music move you.
Member Since:March 14, 2002
Last Login:About 4 days ago
Location:Reno, NV
Birthday:September 12
Music means to me:The beginning of life, which is a formula of mathematics for us to understand how we evolved. Music is the only platform on earth to allow people's minds to understand everything. People say we only use a certain percentage of our brain and music is the one thing that can allows us to tap into that other percentage of our brain to create ideas, concepts and perceptions.
Schools:Dead shows at 12, maybe earlier but my Dad won't tell me.
General Interests:Sports Betting and the Music Industry.
Other Distractions:Girlfriend and wine drinking.


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