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About me:im young and free. i love life and i hope for all to be happy with themselves. i am so very grateful.
Member Since:December 25, 2007
Last Login:January 9, 2008
Location:Claysville, PA
Birthday:July 10
Music means to me:i love to dance, and listen. music is everything to me as it is for most sane people:) i started going to shows since i was 14, well at 9 i got to see Hanson for my first concert, then Phish was my first "jam band" show. and my life has changed for the better in many ways from going to these shows and letting my soul dance. every show i go to is amazing in it's own way. another moment. another mindset. another form of happiness. and i love it. and i am so very grateful.
Schools:high school. community college. for now.
General Interests:helping the world anyway i can.
Other Distractions:no distractions.


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