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About me:let me see....i love snowboarding, longboarding, hoola hoopin', hiking, meditating, yoga, sushi, metting good people as well as all the beautiful people i already know, dancing to the illest, live shows, festivals, plants, trees, nature, sunrises and sunsets, the clouds, music, guitar, travel, livin', learnin', reading a good book, climbing(try to anyways), swimming, the fourth dimension, good karma, my higher power, peace, quality brews, but following my heart is what i do best.
Member Since:December 13, 2006
Last Login:March 12, 2009
Location:Kalispell, MT
Birthday:May 27
Music means to me:music is more than sound. its a lifestyle that doesn't compare to the material world. no matter where you come from or how far you traveled........we're all there for the same pay our respect and listen, dance, and learn from the best music in the world. music creates vibrations and our bodies are mostly water so let the vibrations flow through.
Schools:Flathead High School, hopefully UBC in fall of 2007
General Interests:music, outdoors/wilderness
Other Distractions:books, jewelry, meaningful movies-but i'd rather read the book


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