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About me:"Climb to the peak of Mount Marcy and one will learn, from an aged white bearded man, that the roots of individual lives can be traced in the sentient life of grass. The question is: What nutrients are these roots gathering as for an uncontaminated sustainable existence? If the people of Buffalo, NY were posed this question, then surely they would respond with the swelling vibrations of Dali’s Ghost. Like the explosive creation of a Nebula, the 2005 manifestation of these four Buffalo Bohemians has swelled and healed their nascent Western New York community fan base. Dali’s Ghost, consisting of Justin Smith (Guitar, Vocals, Sitar, Harmonica), Tyler Skelton (Guitar, Vocals, Trumpet), Ken Riley (Bass), and Brian DeAngelo (Drums/Percussion), has shared the stage with Margot and the Nuclear So So’s, Son Volt, Just Jinjer, Lazlo Hollyfield, Thought, Peanut Brittle Satellite, and many others. Their eclectic sound can best be imagined by the dancing fluidity of the aurora borealis in the great northern sky. With their distinct sound, it’s no surprise that Dali’s Ghost has been revealed in Guitar Player Magazine, numerous times in the Artvoice, Buffalo Rising, the Buffalo News, WBFO 88.7, WBNY 91.3, and many other publications. With the hypnotic sounds of dancing vibrations found in the performances of original compositions like Sands of India, Growth, Free Will, and even Shark Hunter, Dali’s Ghost has been able to transcend and inspire a fan base that voted them as the Grand Champions of the Battle of Original Music (B.O.O.M.) throughout Western New York in January of 2008. The Artvoice says "Dali's Ghost may turn your head with their catchy tunes..." and BuffaloRising.com says "Noted for the heartfelt and energetic, these guys are focusing on mastering their craft as songwriters - to be different, experimental, soulful and substantial." So when you make that climb to the summit of Mount Marcy, and share a goblet of Java with a white bearded man, be sure to mention that you have explored the element that nourishes the Grass Roots and feeds the Universe its freshest breath – Dali’s Ghost.
Member Since:April 7, 2009
Last Login:April 9, 2009
Location:Buffalo, NY
Birthday:August 28
Music means to me:Everything
General Interests:mouse pads, mirrors, scrabble, chasing vehicles, massaging carpets, making pillows
Other Distractions:jambase, myspace, and females


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