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About me:errr....laid back, enjoy music, hate people that talk entire concerts
Member Since:June 24, 2004
Last Login:September 7, 2006
Location:Scotch Plains, NJ
Music means to me:a good time
Schools:Mcginn Elementry, Terrill Middle, Scotch Plains-Fanwood High, Northeastern University
General Interests:skiing, going to dank concerts, singing when people don't want me to, doing mouth noise vocal jams to pass time in a car, pirating music/movies, breaking the download record, watching movies with people over the Internet, madplates
Other Distractions:Classic Simpsons/Futurama/Family Guy, Daily Show,
The Usual Suspects, This is Spinal Tap, Evolution, 10 Things I Hate About You, Blues Brothers


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