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About me:Person to person contact has been made amongst a wreath of insanity, bubbles and caldrons alike witches of yesteryear visit lonely gravestones of young who died dueling for a devious way to create a chemical reaction for loyalty
Member Since:July 17, 2003
Last Login:March 30, 2008
Location:Medford, NJ
Birthday:May 30
Music means to me:A Tripper downtown liquified goop like clockwork shadows migrate reminisce of falcons wings kings upon kings and sings like scorpions sting makes the mold cling toward a better harmonic justice and words like Thelonious won't know the difference
Schools:High School, College
General Interests:Returning to the source to gather the necessary information that will, in turn, rebuild misfired neurons that were taken by force.
Other Distractions:Day tripping, words like icor, the silent lucidity, justify the minds need for hunger?


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