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About me:After college graduation, moved to Chicago area for four years, met and married my wife, moved to Atlanta for two months, moved to Los Angeles for about two years, moved to Morristown, NJ where I currently blast my speakers.

I value my friendships and loves beyond anything, and am waiting for any one of them to approach me for a business venture.

Smile, right now...just do it.
Member Since:July 11, 2001
Last Login:About 2 days ago
Location:Morristown, NJ
Birthday:October 26
Music means to me:The trigger to life's greatest memories, the cause of and cure to sore muscles, headaches, butterflies in my stomach, the initiator of hugs, debate, travel, relaxation and euphoria, quite possibly the only language that is understood around the world, it's a history lesson contained within fiction and abstract reality....damn, I don't trust a person if they don't have music somehow in their life.
Schools:Penn State University


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