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About me:Mercy Creek spun into the national airwaves during 2005 on FMQB Radio charts with the release of their album, "Bonfire of Vanities". Radio programmers from Alaska to Florida joined club owners and fans in spreading the music of the band's 4 CD catalog to ever widening audiences. Mercy Creek's music is available at retail and internationally on digital sites such as I-Tunes, Napster, and E-Music. Their music has become a staple of clubs, satellite and terrestrial radio, as well as retail stores such as Eddie Bauer. Retail music provider PLAYNETWORK has reported over 300,000 spins of the Mercy Creek single "Summer".
Based in Virginia, Mercy Creek is successfully paving their own road by creating a unique brand of music they call aggressive folk rock. Currently recording their 5th album, constantly writing new material, and ever touring the country are part of the hard work approach. A two piece live act, (singer/guitarist Cheryl Nystrom, and song writing partner/drummer Jim Ball), the band uses elements of modern folk, world beat, rock, and hints of blues and bluegrass to create a unique sound. Radio listeners and club fans enjoy the song writing, independent spirit of the band, and Nystrom's impressive vocals. Mercy Creek has successfully spread their music around the world by way of the internet, constant touring, as well as radio air play.
The independent recordings are the products of work with producer Paul Mahern (who has worked with Iggy Pop, John Mellencamp, Juliana Hatfield, Lisa Germano, Over the Rhine).
Cheryl Nystrom's unique voice and solid guitar playing are the result of talent toned with experience. A full time music career with Ball started immediately after graduating from high school. Nystrom, 27, plays acoustic guitar, banjo, and mandolin and delivers flawless vocals. Jim Ball produces chest thumping low end from an African Djembe he uses as a bass drum. Brush sticks wrapped with duct tape play percussion mixed with drum kit. Mercy Creek mixes the elements of their live sound; acoustic guitar, vocals, and drum/percussion into a warm rich organic wall of sound. They perform hundreds of shows each year. Mercy Creek plans to release their 5th CD in early 2008, while continuing to tour and write new music.
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